Cloud encryption,
Signatures & Seals

proTECT the Confidentiality & Authenticity of your Data

With the proTECTr Cloud platform, you can easily encrypt documents and files for free, apply digital signatures and seals, manage your electronic identity, and more. Do you have questions or need help? Then contact us or take a look at our FAQ.

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Features of the proTECTr security platform

With these and other functions, proTECTr makes your organization digital & secure. You retain full control over your data. Thanks to the most advanced cryptographic processes, you alone determine who is allowed to access your files.

  • free file encryption

    File Encryption

    Encrypt important files and documents. Store them for yourself or send them to others.

  • Legally compliant electronic signature

    Legally compliant

    Create digital signatures in a legally valid and EU-recognized form in just a few minutes.
  • Electronic organization seals

    Electronic organization seals1

    Ensure the authenticity of your organization's digital documents with electronic seals and stamps.
    • Highest security

      Strong encryption based on the latest technology
    • Allows local encryption

      Encryption directly on the end device
    • Easy to use

      Intuitive usability
    • Browser based software

      No software installation necessary
    • Full data sovereignty

      No storage of your files
    • Meets legal requirements

      eIDAS and GDPR compliant

    proTECTr is compatible with all common browsers

    Regardless of whether you work on Windows or Apple devices, the full performance of proTECTr is guaranteed with these browsers.
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    Apple Safari
    Microsoft Edge

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