Secure a wide range of use cases with proTECTr

The combination of the digital signature and the encrypted transmission of trusted documents and files offers users the opportunity to start digitizing processes very easily. Click on a function and learn more about the extensive application possibilities of the proTECTr platform.

Ad-hoc encryption of confidential files

It has never been easier to encrypt an Office or PDF file on the fly. Simply select the file, drag it into the browser and automatically encrypt it at the push of a button. If desired, the encrypted file can be sent to a contact or saved locally.

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file encryption

Exchange of personal data

With proTECTr you can securely exchange highly sensitive personal data that is particularly worthy of protection. The end-to-end encryption means that the information is protected from unauthorized third parties at all times.

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Proof of origin through electronic seals

Authorities or companies can easily attach a qualified electronic seal to important documents throughout the organization.


electronic seal

Signature for Companies

Seals are useful wherever a personal signature is not necessary but proof of authenticity is desired, e.g. deeds, certificates, official authentications, notarial authentications, written documents, account statements, notices.


Replacement of handwritten signature

proTECTr enables end-to-end digitized processes thanks to simple creation and application of an electronic signature with maximum evidential value. Whether it is a simple document, a deed, important minutes or contracts, the signature with a qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature in accordance with EU law.

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electronic signature

Sign documents without printing and scanning

Print out documents, sign them, scan them again, send them by e-mail. You can save yourself that in the future. With the electronic signature from proTECTr, you can work digitally throughout and without media breaks. This not only saves a lot of time, but also paper and nerves.

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Approvals & co-signing in the business environment

The simple application of a qualified electronic signature enables the end-to-end digitization of institutional or internal company processes by means of approvals or co-signatures without media discontinuity, i.e. co-decision-making based on partial responsibility.

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Participation in electronic tenders

Allocation platforms and tendering portals increasingly only accept electronically signed documents. The remote signature with proTECTr enables spontaneous participation and compliance with deadlines. And all of this without a signature card or card reader.

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