This is how proTECTr ensures the confidentiality and authenticity of your data

Strong file encryption

Regardless of whether you have to or want to - anyone who occasionally exchanges important files electronically can conveniently encrypt them with proTECTr. To maintain confidentiality, e.g. proTECTr is just as suitable for lawyers, doctors and tax consultants as it is for companies or private individuals. The exchange of data is only possible to registered users. Administration is conveniently done in the built-in address book.

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Clear address book

proTECTr enables easy management of your communication partners via the built-in address book. Current, answered or rejected inquiries are also available at a glance.

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Digital signature1

Create simple, advanced or legally valid, qualified electronic signatures in just a few minutes - without having to apply for a signature card and without additional hardware or software. Ideal for those who are in a hurry. proTECTr ensures the authenticity of your documents.


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Identity Management1

Use a strong electronic identity for all services. The value of the electronic identity is determined by the way in which the identity is confirmed. Identity confirmations were integrated directly into proTECTr and can be used in real time. Do you need a higher level of identity, e.g. to create qualified signatures or seals, you can easily upgrade this via your personal profile.


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User Management

With proTECTr, an organization administrator can invite other users via the invitation process, import them directly into proTECTr and manage their rights and roles. Alternatively, an organizational directory, e.g. Active Directory.

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Clear & intuitive - your proTECTr dashboard

The dashboard offers you a quick overview of the services that can be used so you can benefit from all existing security features without losing the overview.

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