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Digital ID - Upgrade your ID-Level to unlock more features

The basis for trust - your digital identity

For secure identification, proTECTr offers different confirmation procedures, including bank- and video ident. The identities confirmed in proTECTr are the basis for trustworthy electronic processes, such as the (qualified) electronic (remote) signature.

protectr screenshot identification remote signature

eIDAS - The regulatory background

The eIDAS Regulation specifies the security levels "low", "substantial" and "high" for electronic identification systems. For simple applications, an e-mail confirmation is sufficient. In order to use functions such as the electronic signature, a corresponding 'substantial' (advanced) or 'high' (qualified) confirmation of identity is required. To unlock this feature, it is necessary to upgrade the ID-Level.

Identity Level


E-Mail confirmation is sufficient

Identity Level


Confirmation by telephone necessary

Identity Level


Postal / bank / video identification necessary

For secure identification with a trust service provider, proTECTr offers various options, including bank and video ident.

protectr bank identification process

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