protectr file encryption

Use strong file encryption for yourself or exchange with others

Secure file encryption for everyone

Conventional tools for secure data exchange have so far been anything but easy to use. The challenge was to make complicated methods as uncomplicated and generally usable as possible.

Encrypt sensitive files in no time

Encrypt and send with proTECTr in just 3 simple steps:
  • protectr illu recipient
    Step 1

    Invite Contanct

    proTECTr allows the selection of files of common sizes that are encrypted exclusively for recipients who have been invited beforehand - the encryption is only started if the recipient agrees.
  • protectr illu encryption
    Step 2

    Encrypt automatically

    proTECTr encrypts your files fully automatically and highly securely directly on your PC - without software download or installation.
  • protectr illu Send safely
    Step 3

    Send safely

    proTECTr transfers the encrypted data conveniently, securely and without detours. Your files will not be saved. With strong end-to-end encryption, only you and the recipient have access.

    ... and decrypt just as easy

    protectr datei entschlüsselung

    100% security - without obligations

    protectr visual kostenfrei

    We believe that security is a basic need and that everyone should be able to ensure that confidential information remains confidential. With proTECTr, as security experts, we are for the first time offering the opportunity to benefit from our years of experience in encryption and signature free of charge. Of course, we look forward to your inquiry about our corporate solutions.


    • Free File Encryption

      free file encryption
    • Legally compliant signature1

      Legally compliant electronic signature
    • Electronic organization seals1

      Elektronische Organisationssiegel
      1 available soon

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      Convince yourself of the performance of the proTECTr cloud platform and experience how easy file encryption can be - you are ready to go in just 2 minutes.