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What security does proTECTr offer?

Innovative combinations of encryption methods combine the best and most secure of all currently available technologies. State-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms and a procedure recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) make proTECTr more secure than any attacker would expect. Guaranteed without backdoors - this is what procilon stands for with 20 years of experience as an IT security company.

By the way: Part of the cryptographic procedure developed for proTECTr consists of a technology that would take a data spy using today's state of the art a whole 1051 years to crack your data - with a technological equipment that is probably only available to secret services.

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Where does the key material come from?

The necessary key material is generated during the registration process by a CC EAL 4+ (attack protection high) evaluated PKI confirmed according to the signature law. The encryption certificate and the encryption key encrypted according to PKCS#8 are stored in a directory service that is not publicly accessible. Only authenticated users are able to retrieve their own data. Authentication takes place via a SAML-based identity management system.

The selection and use of cryptographic algorithms and relevant parameters is based on the specifications and recommendations that are constantly kept up to date by the BSI (BSI TR-02102).

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Why do I have two passwords in proTECTr?

Using two passwords ensures that only you have control over your key for encrypting and decrypting documents.

When you register in proTECTr, you create a strong password for general access to the platform. This will be used for login on the one hand and for encryption and decryption on the other. You can subsequently change the login password in your account and profile settings.

The key password cannot be changed. It can neither be reset nor changed by procilon, thus only you have control over the key password. If you forget this password, your proTECTr account must be deleted and a new registration must be performed.

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Can I also use proTECTr without a browser?

Yes, the modern system architecture of the proTECTr Embedded Service Architecture (pESA) allows integration into existing company processes. Whitelabel, flexible hosting and individual support & SLA are also possible.

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What are the system requirements?

The application is browser-based, which ensures access from all common desktop systems regardless of location and time. Users only need an end device with internet access or an iOS or Android smartphone/tablet to use the mobile proTECTr app.

  • Internet-enabled end device with web browser
  • JAVAScript


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
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Is proTECTr DSGVO compliant?

Yes. Encryption - especially of personal sensitive data - with proTECTr represents an optimal technical organisational measure (TOM) in terms of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The proTECTr encryption software is suitable both for sending and for the encrypted storage of business-critical and personal data on the company's own system.

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Who was proTECTr designed for?

The use cases of proTECTr arise for users who want to exchange important data confidentially and do not have their own IT security infrastructure. proTECTr can be used to maintain confidentiality as well as for the protection of company data. proTECTr is particularly suitable for secure communication between doctors, lawyers, auditors, but also for the general exchange of sensitive data.

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Can I integrate proTECTr into existing company processes?

Yes. Our flexible cloud architecture offers numerous connection and integration options. Would you like to integrate proTECTr into your company processes?

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Who is behind proTECTr?

proTECTr is an offer of the procilon GROUP.

Why is there no web EGVP included in the new proTECTr?

To further improve IT security, it was decided by the responsible bodies that messages from senders without confirmed identities would no longer be accepted. The web EGVP functionality in proTECTr therefore had to be switched off. In the future we will offer a paid alternative including identity confirmation and back channel. To be informed in time, subscribe to our free newsletter.

Where can I get technical help?

You can get extensive help and find answers on frequently asked technical questions in our Help Center.
Our technical support team can be reached via the corresponding Support form.

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